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Natural Occurring Eclipse Pinhole Images | CLINE&CO DESIGN

Natural Camera Obscura & Pinhole Images

Many took notice of the 5/20/2012 eclipse. There are some really great photos of by amateurs and pros alike floating around the web. In my opinion were the images of the eclipse projected on to walls of houses and buildings.

pinholes created by leaves

via Instagram - user: kcvsf8

What we are actually seeing projected onto the walls are dozens or hundreds of images of the sun itself. The the areas in the trees and leaves that allow light to pass through create nature’s very own pinholes. These pinholes focus the light that is passing though the leaves enough for the images of the sun to visible and recognizable.

Though this happens all the time, we are accustom to it and think nothing of the little blobs of light. But when a large object passes infront of the sun we get to see the crescent of the sun as illustrated in these photos.

pinhole image of the eclipse

via Instagram - user: smartboydesigns

projected onto our garage


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