We are actively on the lookout for talented writers/guest bloggers who would like to provide educational or inspirational content for the graphic design, web design, web development, photography and print industry. If you have a tutorial or article that you feel could further our industry, please send us an email with your idea and we will happily get in contact with you.

  • Articles must be of 200 words or more
  • Original content please – content can’t have already been published elsewhere
  • Please use images if possible (450px wide)
  • Credit all sources used in your article
  • Your article may contain a link to your site and mini bio (140 characters)

What We’re Looking For

  • Opinion articles
  • Tutorials
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Showcases

What We’re NOT Looking For

Articles written by people not in the design industry for the sole purpose of a link. These articles are easy to spot, and don’t offer very much value to our readers. So if you have been hired by a company to write articles on various blogs for them, please don’t bother submitting here.

Please submit your requests here.